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  1. She's a rebel;

    Di , 26-08-2010 alle 22:05 (For a pessimist I'm pretty optimistic;)
    She's a rebel
    She's a saint
    She's salt of the earth
    And she's dangerous

    She's a rebel
    Missing link on the brink
    Of destruction

    From Chicago to Toronto
    She's the one that they
    Call old whatsername

    She's the symbol
    of resistance
    and she's holding on my
    heart like a hand grenade

    Is she dreaming
    what I'm thinking
    Is she the
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  2. When I'm gone.

    Di , 19-07-2010 alle 19:23 (For a pessimist I'm pretty optimistic;)
    I look around me
    But all I seem to see
    Is people going nowhere
    Expecting sympathy
    It’s like we’re going through the motions
    Of a scripted destiny
    Tell me where’s our inspiration
    If life won’t wait
    I guess it’s up to me

    No we’re not gonna waste another moment in this town
    We wont come back, the world is coming out
    Leave the past in the past gonna find the future
    And misery
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  3. Welcome to my life

    Di , 04-07-2010 alle 16:46 (For a pessimist I'm pretty optimistic;)
    Do you ever feel like breaking down?
    Do you ever feel out of place?
    Like somehow you just don't belong
    And no one understands you
    Do you ever wanna run away?
    Do you lock yourself in your room?
    With the radio on turned up so loud
    That no one hears you screaming

    No you don't know what it's like
    When nothing feels all right
    You don't know what it's like
    To be like me

    To be hurt
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  4. No surprise

    Di , 30-06-2010 alle 20:11 (For a pessimist I'm pretty optimistic;)
    I've practiced this for hours gone round and round
    and now I think that I've got it all down
    and as I say it louder I love how it sounds
    'Cause I'm not takin' the easy way out
    Not wrappn' this in ribbons
    Shouldn't have to give a reason why...
    It's no suprise I won't be here tomorrow
    I can't believe that I stayed 'till today
    Yeah you and I will be a tough act to follow
    But I know in time we'll find this was no suprise

    Aggiornato il 30-06-2010 alle 20:20 da valeeee

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  5. Last of the american girls.

    Di , 25-06-2010 alle 19:06 (For a pessimist I'm pretty optimistic;)
    She puts her makeup on
    Like graffiti on the walls of the heartland
    She’s got her little book of conspiracies
    Right in her hand
    She is paranoid like
    Endangered species headed into extinction
    She is one of a kind
    She’s the last of the American girls

    She wears her overcoat
    For the coming of the nuclear winter
    She is riding her bike
    Like a fugitive of critical mass
    She’s on a hunger strike
    For the ones
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