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Di , 14-11-2008 alle 10:30 (721 Visite)
Birmingham's Simon Webbe and Robert Kilroy-Silk in Iím A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! line-up for 2008
Nov 12 2008 By Jasbir Authi, Birmingham Mail

EX Blue boy band member Simon Webbe, who was brought up in Birmingham, is among the latest batch of stars heading for the jungles of Oz.

He and Birmingham born Robert Kilroy-Silk will join eight others in this yearís Iím A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!

Webbe, who was brought up in Bordesley Green and is currently dating X Factor reject, Layla Manoochehri, of Henley-in-Arden, said: ďAnything that crawls, anything that runs on the floor, anything that slithers, anything that can fall on me and get into little nooks and crannies.

ďIím afraid of everything, so I donít know why Iím going to the jungle. I donít like heights, I donít like water Ė I donít swim.Ē

Webbe, aged 30, added: ďMaybe when I was younger I would turn around and say, ĎIím not afraid of anything,í but Iím a 30-year-old man so I canít be bothered with that any more.Ē The two week ITV show, presented by Ant and Dec, starts on Sunday.

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