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My prayer

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Di , 14-07-2011 alle 19:11 (450 Visite)

My Prayer - Sun eats hours

Letting my heart’s words free
No one is stronger than me.

Your sweet acts make me think,
Awesome silent way to love me
It’s so realistic outside our stupid realism
That's more like a prison,
Where people feel safe
But safe from what?

Let your son be wise
Let me feel realized
Let me enjoy my life

And understand its fights
Let me be what I am
when I’m dreaming of myself
And let me be really free to see
What you want us to be

I used to try to be right,
But I know I lost everyday my way
So please forgive my faults and
Teach me how I can do the same with my Brothers.
Teach me how to love them
And how to forgive their hate and lies
giving them the light.

Let me be really free to see
What Love wants me to be

Let me have sincere friends
Let me live the joy of life
Let me get better

And never lose my faith
Let me search for my way
And Let me find it again
Let me be what I am when I’m dreaming of myself

Una preghiera che viene dal cuore,
fortemente sentita in questo mio periodo
un pò strano.
Grazie di Esistere e di Essere.


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