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» Mitchie

Speak of the Devil.

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Di , 29-05-2008 alle 13:50 (693 Visite)
I've seen many a face
from young and to old
I've stolen their faith and I broken their souls
Was there before Christ had forgave you your sins
paid your price and sealed your fate within

But days have come to an end
Today's the day that we meet again
The self inflicted inebriation guilt never lies

I've been waiting for the chance
to reunite this sick romance
The poison never hurt so good
So nice of you to speak of me
Your closest friend and enemy
An only savior of masochist

Nothing but a dead end slave
From the altar to the grave
It's the last days of our life the faith amen

Time, its been so long
And now there's nothing to say
I'm trying so hard to find another way
I'm tired of being something I'm not
I can't believe and I never thought
that days would come to an end
maybe someday we'll meet again
but if that day never comes
it would be too soon

I've been waiting for the chance to nullify this sick romance
So pull the cord to detonate
So sick of you don't speak of me
the reverend saint of misery
and holy saviorf masochist
trying to find a way it's getting better everyday
and i got you now alone all i need in this life in one
one thing to believe in.

sum 41

mi sono innamorata di questa canzone <3

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Aggiornato il 29-05-2008 alle 17:06 da » Mitchie

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  1. L'avatar di Walking Disaster
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    Mi ci sono innamorata anche io. è stupenda, anche se non ho ben capito a chi sia indirizzata. Come non smetterò mai di dire, i Sum 41 sono geniali.