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Fly away*

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Di , 26-05-2010 alle 17:25 (1093 Visite)
Gotta find a way
Yeah, I can't wait another day
Ain't nothin' gonna change
If we stay 'round her
Gotta do what it takes
Cuz it's all in our hands
We all make mistakes
Yeah, but it's never too late
To start again, take another breath
And say another prayer

And fly away from here
Anywhere, yeah, I don't care
We'll just fly away from here
Our hopes and dreams
Are out there somewhere
Won't let time pass us by
We'll just fly...

If this life gets any harder now
It ain't no never mind
You got me by your side
And any time you want
Yeah, we can catch a train and
Find a better place
Yeah, cuz we won't let nothin'
Or no one keep gettin' us down
Maybe you and I
Can pack our bags and hit the sky

Do you see a bluer sky now?
You can have a better life now
Open your eyes...
Cuz no one here can ever stop us
They can try but we won't let them
No way...

Maybe you and I
Can pack our bags and say goodbye...

è proprio quello che vorrei fare in questo momento,
volare via da qui..
Da questo posto. Da questa gente, da questo Mondo.
Volare via e non avere più pensieri nella testa. Più Niente.
Gli Aerosmith.
Questa canzone è..
S t u p e n d a.
Vi consiglio di andarla a sentire,
e leggere il teso.
Ne vale la pena.

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