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  1. Night of the Hunter;

    Di , 09-07-2011 alle 17:09 (Camille. ~ La parte nascosta di Federica.)
    Pray to your god, open your heart
    Whatever you do donít be afraid of the dark
    cover your eyes, the devilís inside.

    {Night of the Hunter - 30 Seconds to Mars.}
  2. Wish You Were Here.

    Di , 22-04-2011 alle 12:44 (Camille. ~ La parte nascosta di Federica.)
    I can be tough
    I can be strong
    But with you, itís not like that at all
    Thereís a girl
    That gives a shit
    Behind this wall
    You just walk through it

    And I remember all those crazy things ya said
    You left them running through my head
    Youíre always there
    Youíre everywhere
    But right now I wish you were here
    All those crazy things we did
    Didnít think about it, just went with it
    Youíre always there
  3. This Is CRITICAL.

    Di , 30-01-2011 alle 14:33 (Camille. ~ La parte nascosta di Federica.)
    There's a storm coming up
    and I gotta prepare myself
    'Cause this felling's
    getting stronger everyday

    Something's creeping inside
    Everything is about to change
    Gotta face the fact
    That I can't walk away

    This is critical
    I'm feeling helpless
    So hysterical, this can't be healthy
    I can't eat or sleep
    When you're not with me
    Baby, you're the air i breath
    This is critical, yeah
    So stuck
  4. 1972;

    Di , 17-09-2010 alle 17:29 (Camille. ~ La parte nascosta di Federica.)
    1972, tu stavi con lei e i miei non mi lasciavano
    guardarti negli occhi con quegli occhi sai, ma ti volevo

    10 Agosto del í72
    Quel sogno díAmore mi entusiasmava
    Ho preso i vestiti e non cího pensato sai?

    Son scappata, sono volata via da qua

    Avevamo un sogno
    E anche senza un soldo
    Contava solo quello che ci univa

    Poteva opporsi tutto il mondo
    Ma noi lo sentivamo
    Che dalla nostra parte avevamo il Cielo
  5. Your Biggest Fan.

    Di , 31-08-2010 alle 20:36 (Camille. ~ La parte nascosta di Federica.)
    I never thought I would, did it
    Never thought I could
    I did it like that, did it like this
    Did it like everybody knows
    That we got something real, shorty
    I know what I feel
    So shout it like that
    Shout it like this
    Listen up, everybody knows
    But you, here it goes

    Cause I never really noticed
    Took a while for me to see
    Playing back the moments
    Now I'm starting to believe
    That you could be at the
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