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A Little World Of My Own...

Sonohra - Love Is Here

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Di , 16-08-2008 alle 15:55 (14666 Visite)
La versione inglese della famosissima "L'Amore" dei miei cantanti preferiti, i Sonohra.
Non so se la traduzione giustissima ma credo di s. L'ho messo in inglese perch sentire quella bellissima canzone cantata nella mia lingua un emozione unica....grazie Diego e Luca, siete due ragazzi veramente speciali!

Its a rainy day and I would give you a sunshine
Everything is grey but I see you in my mind
I can light a light on the rain and still be with you

I get a little picture that leaves a trace in my head
Listen to the rainbow
And now its time my head

I dont wanna think of the distance
That holds us apart

We both can see
Love is in me

7 days on the road you are always my soul destination
Every step of the ways its been taking my heart back to you
and the time goes by
it becomes so clear:
you are not alone
Love is here

Listen to the sound of a song about sorrow
I know Im gonna make it to see you tomorrow
Youre the only reason I wake up to face everyday

[come sopra]

Love is here

Clouds are fading
they flew away
the sun is shining
and the sky is turning blue

video (live)=

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  1. L'avatar di Annathebest
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    stupenda anke in inglese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. L'avatar di
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    uuuuu stavo impazzendo a cercarla, grazie x averla postata!!!
  3. L'avatar di linda sonohrina
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    ma nn sembra corrispondere a cio ke dicono nella canz! XD
  4. L'avatar di Sylvia92
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    Semplicemente meravigliosa <3
  5. L'avatar di supersonohrryna_96
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    stupenda.... grazie...... non la trovavo da nessuna parte..
  6. L'avatar di Sarah rock'on
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    Stupenda dire poco!
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