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Electrical storm

The World is dying

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Di , 23-01-2008 alle 16:23 (840 Visite)
The world is dying,the end is near.
I know it is coming,I have no fear.
The forests disappear-slash and burn.
The World is dying,when will we learn?
Oceans filled with garbage and slime.
The World is dying,there's not much time.
People are careless and don't think twice.
If I could do something,that would be nice.

When the World is dead,everything is done.
No more bad times but no more good fun.
The ground is polluted and so is the air.
The World is dying an people don't care.
Mother Nature is sick and if we don't find a cure,
the World,will die.The end is near.
Please heed my warning.We don't have long.
The way things are going,soon all will be gone.

Josh Brown

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