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Always and Forever

Naley is forever.. always and forever

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Di , 07-07-2009 alle 19:08 (840 Visite)
Haley: Nathan... You know when you took those drugs before the game, when you collapsed? You made a mistake, but I know you promised yourself that if you could have a second chance you would do things differently... I know that I hurt you. But I promised myself that if I could get you to listen then, um, I would tell you that there was never a day on that tour when I didn't think you were the best part of my life.
Nathan: You can't just say that Haley. Not after months of silence.
Haley: Why? It's the truth.
Nathan: Really? What about the day you signed the anulment papers?
Haley: The papers that you initiated?
Nathan: Yeah, after I drove a thousand miles to see you and you didn't even call me after I left. Must have been a hell of an encore.
Haley: Nathan, you just walked away!
Nathan: Well it beats running away.
Haley: I did call.
Nathan: You called our answering machine Haley!
Haley: Because I knew that you were going to hang up on me anyway so I had to leave a message.
Nathan: Well I didn't even play it. I deleted you.
Haley: Well... Then you deleted this: Um... I was being childish when I walked away from you for the tour. You gave me an ultimatum the night that I left and, uh, I fought back for all the wrong reasons. I was being stubborn... and I can't take that back, I wish that I could. Did I want to go? Yeah. I loved it, I loved every night of it. But I want you to know something Nathan:

There was never a night where I loved it more than I loved you.

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