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Davie Desrosiers

for David

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Di , 05-09-2008 alle 14:14 (693 Visite)
David is my idol,i have all like him and i'm his fan number one in absolute but for me he isn't only my idol,he isn't only simple plan's bassist...he is all my life,my heart,my breath,my soul...he is the reason of my life,and also the reason cause i cry...he is the best human in the world only because he is himself...he's an angel...i can't live without his sweet smile,his fantastic voice,his eyes,his madness...without him!i am notnhing without Dave...i suffer very much because i can't have him...but the worst thing is knows that...the girl that can stay with him,they won't never love him like i love Dave...cause i love him more than my life,he is my's complicated explain what i feel for him...everyday,every hour,every minute he is in my mind...i'd do anything for him,also kill me,because my life is nothing without the most important thing for me...i don't care any boys,i don't care what people me dreamer,call me stupid,call me as you want...i am only lover for Davey...

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