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the flood-take that

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Di , 07-12-2010 alle 17:38 (666 Visite)
the flood

standing,on the edge of forever
at the startof whatever
shouting love at the world
Back then,we were like cavemen,
we'd beam at the moon and the stars
then we forgave then.
We will meet you where the lights are
the defenders,of the faith we are
where the thunder turns around theyģll run so hard
weģll tear the ground away.

You know no one dies,in these love town lies
through our love drowned eyes,we'll watch you
sleep tonight
Althugh no one understood we were holding back the fllod
Learning how to dance the rain.
We were holding back the flood they said we'd never dance again.
Bleedingbut none of us leaving .
Watch your mouth son or you'llfind yourself
floading home.Here we come now on a dark star,seeing demons,not wath we are
Tiny minds and eager hands will try to strike but now will end today
There's progress now where there once was none,where there once was ah,then
everything came long............

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Aggiornato il 20-06-2011 alle 15:13 da Alis94

*take that* _robbie williams_


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    Quanto č bella :')